Intersections vol.4 : Digital creativity & Social Impact

On May 2nd, Printemps numérique [Digital Spring] is back to the CCA for the 4th volume of the #intersections series under the theme “digital creativity & social impact” with David Usher.

Digital creativity provides a significant lever to develop solutions that address the most pressing social and environmental issues. Whether we talk about access to education, to health services, climate change or civic engagement, the digital is everywhere. The digital is used both as a communication tool to raise awareness about these issues and as a practical instrument to put these solutions into practice.

David Usher is an artist, best selling author, entrepreneur and keynote speaker. He is the founding director of the Human Impact Lab at Concordia University. Climate Clock, the lab’s leading project, mixes art, science & technology to tell the public another story about climate change.

◤ Evelyne Drouin, DJ Mini / GenieMob & Matrioshka

◤ Cassie Rhéaume / Ladies Learning Code

◤ Jean-Noé Landy / Open North

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