Club Framboise | District 3, Concordia

On April 26, 2017, Evelyne Drouin  will present her work as a sound and multimedia artist for the past 18 years, having made several projects and tours, as well as carrying out large-scale projects in technological art. Founder of Géniemob, she conceptualizes workshops combining new technologies and culture with the proposed contents. She easily adapts the workshops according to the level of skill of the young people, in order to guide them in the process of their creations. She will present several of her most recent projects.  

“Beatr sonics”

Beatr sonics is an ongoing generative sound installation that lets you hear rhythms and melodies created from bluetooth presence (through devices carried by humans) of a predetermined location, in which the sensors are already integrated into the architecture. Humans whereabouts from the set location become musical instrumentalists, without even knowing about it…

Recurring Collaborators: Jeffrey Dungen (reelyActive), Evelyne Drouin (DJ Mini)

Scènes ouvertes – Rideau

In collaboration with [SAT] this telepresence performance uses bi-directional audio, visual and data feeds in two remote location, linked through the Scenic telepresence system developed by [SAT]. This project was presented as a participatory installation and focussed on using multiple interactive propositions to join an audience to an artist performance in a remote location.

The data feeds travelled between Qc and Mtl, letting the audience intervene in the artists process, creating an instant virtual audio-visual jam between the two cities. Pi’s were used to interface a cubic interface and move motors that were integrated into a moving visual scenography in the artists location, as well as triggering musical landscapes.

Collaborators (Axon Art Collective): Evelyne Drouin, Naoto HIeda, Eliane Ashkar & consulting by Colin Gallacher, Jan Anlauff, Jeffrey Dungen.

Morrow Sound

Evelyne Drouin would like to present 3D sound partners who use telepresence as a medium of expression, initiate events such as

Morrow Sound uses a cube for doing immersive 3D soundscapes, and other technologies to provide well-being for the workspace and experiences, as well as projects that implicate Pi’s.

Evelyne has been interested in finding partners to help develop a telepresence and Pi driven version of Morrow Sound, in order to help democratize the use of immersive audio globally using morrow Sound technology and savoir-faire.

Collaborators: Morrow Sound global channels, and Evelyne as the Montreal chapter leader.

Initiated by France based Quatorze collectif this modular urban furniture generates it’s own energy using Solar Panels, generates metrics thanks to ReelyActive technology, and serves both as mobile work-pod for digital nomads, and as an interactive scenography device. It runs partly on PI, partly on arduino.

This project is based on a collaborative business model and is a collaboration between Quatorze Collectif (France), Sensorica, Axon Art Collective, and the Matrioshka team in Montreal.


Evelyne initiated this education project in 2014. It is oriented towards kinesthetic workshops, and there is a strong will to provide RaspberryPi workshops and daycamps, using PI’s as a medium of audio creation and interactive arts. SONIC PI was to be offered starting summer 2017, and she is interested in finding Education & PI savvy partners and collaborators to start offering these formats to teens.

Collaborators: Evelyne Drouin and more to come (Club Framboise?)