Espace Temps | Immersive Dome project

Espace Temps was a four-month workshop and production installation at [SAT] (Société des arts technologiques) that incorporated multidisciplinary artists to create an immersive performance experience.

Natacha Filiatrault, Espace Temps choreographer, Philippe Demers dancing, images of Joanie Douville shot underwater by Aurélien Lafargue and Sebastien Roy playing in DOME format.

Using a 230 x 360 degree projection surface and a 57.4 point surround audio system inside the SATosphere, over 350 people enjoyed an evening of collaborative musical, visual and dance performances.

On the final day of Espace Temps, all rooms in the venue were used to create an interactive experience where attendees moved from room to room while being immersed in the entire show’s performance.

Evelyne presenting Espace Temps concept in a short artist talk prior to presenting the workshops.

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