Mioborobot | NASA Space Apps Challenge

The #Mioborobot was an amazing collaboration between engineers, designers and artists to prototype a new type of multimedia during Space Apps Challenge.

Mioborobot was the winner of the hackathon produced for NASA’s « Space Apps Challenge » in 2015.

MIOBO is a mobile robot that allows multimedia communication without language barriers. It sees, feels, hears, moves, and facilitates long-distance communication.

Equipped with a projector, a 360 degrees camera and smart-phone to allow communication between locations, Miobo senses what elements are present in the space being visited through the eyes and ears of the Miobot, and warns you in case of danger through a App.

Mioborobot travelling for your entertainment on Mars.

The real-time dialogue is enabled through many media forms including morse code, color signals, video projection and sound.

The #Mioborobot Team is very they could accomplish so much over a week-end at the Planetarium of Montreal for the NASA Space Apps Challenge.