Beatr | Wearhacks

Beatr won two prizes at WEARHACKS 2015 hackathon.

The project was to generates mood music from ambient bluetooth traffic using device presence detection in “smart spaces”.

It was developed in partnership with and was presented during hackathon in 2015 and was awarded “Best use for Natural language text to speech” prize by Nuance and “most entertaining hack” by the audience.

Claude and Jeffrey (from reelyactive) deep into coding with Nuance’s text to speech SDK.

This innovative, experimental project attempts to create a customizable sonification of physical spaces and social networks using the iOt (internet of things), it classifies the end product as generative or procedural music.

In this first iteration of Beatr, we used reelayactive sensor to transpose bluetooth activity and trigger midi notes on a drum machine. Participants could tweet to Nuance speech to text and generate voices playing over the music.