Light Wires, presented at McCord Museum through Intersections #4 : Montreal A.I. event
event produced by Printemps Numérique on March 22nd of 2018

The project is intended to reproduce the presence of humans in the space of Musée McCord as a light structure, giving real-time visual feedback of presence in multiple floors of bluetooth activity, generated by human presence, in the spaces.

This real-time heat-map will be assigned to interact on how the installation lights up through patterns and colors integrated into frames, easily installed and torn down.

This project is part of a series of work that addresses interconnectedness, and the notion of human and data mining and puts into the spotlight how the cyborg version of us gets tracked in smart environments, from a point of view of the machines getting this data, presented in a calm technology approach.

Light Wires presented through Printemps Numérique at McCord Museum

Printemps numérique – Intersections #4 at Musée McCord – Evelyne Drouin and Jeffrey Dungen present Light Wires


Montreal A.I. at McCoord Museum