Evelyne Drouin has been mandated to curate and design an experience to showcase local talent with the theme “EMBODIED SPACES” for IX Symposium 2017.

Between the physical and the virtual, we now experience total immersion in information and art : always-on social networks; big data making the invisible visible; virtual architectures overlaid onto physical landscapes; windows from the physical world popping up in immersive gear… As the modalities to enter this persistent metaverse are multiplying with domes, HMDs and mobile screens, the question of presence, of how we connect and engage with our environment and each other, and of how our physical bodies and cultural identities are invited in, become central.

This fourth edition of the IX symposium on immersion and experience will focus on Embodied Spaces.
We will examine among other things :

How proxemics (as coined by Edward T. Hall) translate in the inhabited spaces of WebVR;
How interactive real-time 3D scenography transforms live audio-video performances in domes, HMDs or other;
What happens to the idea of boundaries when AR technology takes us into the wild;
How good and accessible are the authoring/delivery tools for VR/AR/MR;
How connecting distant spaces transform our idea of space and territory.
IX is an initiative of Montreal’s Society for Arts and Technology (SAT) and has been held at its premises since 2014. Like previous editions, IX invites artists, designers, researchers, developers, producers, and all those who are curious and passionate about the immersive experience medium. For this vibrant community, IX is where the latest hardware, creative processes and distribution platforms meet seasoned innovators and talented creators.

The IX program is open and participatory, with an emphasis on workshops, demonstrations, blitz talks and premieres of groundbreaking artworks. These are all examples of the best practices in the immersive experience creation and distribution ecosystem. IX 2017 participants will be invited to learn from and teach to one another, and to collectively forge the agenda for the medium of our time and direct its development.

Please save the dates and spread the word around to make this 4th edition of IX 2017 a wonderful and inspiring gathering of innovation and creativity !